What’s happening in Korea Blockchain Week 2022

5 min readAug 9, 2022


Klaytn X KBW 2022 Overview

Korea Blockchain Week is a festival for all crypto people. Klaytn is proud to participate as one of the major title sponsors of KBW. As Korea’s №1 layer 1 blockchain, we will be talking about The Metaverse Blockchain for All in various ways. During KBW, new talks encompassing Dev, DeFi, and NFT will unfold at various venues across Seoul. We will also present Klaytn’s blockchain roadmap for the metaverse and make some big “first-ever” announcements.

Impact Booth : The Technology Layer for Tomorrow’s Metaverse

On Aug 8~9 @ Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

There will be a main booth at the COEX Parnas hall during KBW. Klaytn, in particular, will be at the booth together with our 10 key partners. Come visit the Klaytn booth to learn more about our major collaborations that are set to offer another level of metaverse experience.

KBW Klaytn x MARBLEX : Whole New Gaming World

Gaming is one of the most important elements in the Klaytn blockchain ecosystem. At the Klaytn booth, you can have a hands-on experience in playing Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds by MARBLEX. As one of our most popular games, the project is building a strong presence globally.

KBW Klaytn x GroundX : Unique NFT Experience

GroundX will bring an unparalleled NFT experience at the Klaytn booth. If you visit the Klaytn booth, you can receive limited NFTs from airdrops on site in real time as well as T-shirts printed with a personalized NFT. You can also get to know about GroundX’s new NFT alliance, GRID which Krust is part of. Visit our booth for a day of novel NFT experiences.

Klaytn X ZEP : Metaverse Museum

If you are not able to drop by the KBW venues, you can experience the Klaytn world in the metaverse. Our brochures and goods that are distributed at the booth will be displayed in the metaverse exactly as they are in the real world. We will also showcase our various main events, including a keynote speech by Sangmin Seo, Representative Director of the Klaytn Foundation. In addition, Klaytn’s brand reel and our partners’ gaming videos will be played. So don’t forget to visit our metaverse museum and experience the heat of the real-world scene!


Klaytn X Klutch X Klap X Sunmiya X Provers : Booth Airdrop Event

We have an amazing lineup of Klaytn-based tokens for the airdrop event as well. You can get KLAY, FTN(Fanto), TKLE(Proverse), SIX, Favor(Sumniya) and KLAP immediately from the airdrops on site with your wallet and have a first-hand experience of the diversity and values of tokens in the Klaytn ecosystem. Get your wallets ready!

Keynote : The Technology Layer for Tomorrow’s Metaverse

on Aug 8 @Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas by Sam Seo, Representative Director of the Klaytn Foundation

The metaverse is an essential industry field, not only as a platform but also as a space where many people will engage in the future. With Klaytn 2.0 focusing on gaming, diverse attempts are being made in a technical and general aspect to become a blockchain for metaverse.

No one likes to experience a long loading time for an internet or mobile service, but why are we fine with slow blockchain applications? While we are desperately looking forward to a time when blockchain is used widely across the general public, aren’t we missing the reliable speed that our society has become used to and taken for granted? For its part, Klayn aims to achieve technical prowess, accelerate the timing of mass adoption and stay away from the mindset that “We can be slow since the blockchain industry is at its initial phase”. We offer a fast and easy-to-use UX to creators and builders based on 1-second block finality.

On top of this, along with our open-source metaverse package and massively enhanced compatibility with other Layer 1 chains, Klaytn will be presenting our roadmap toward an optimized platform for the metaverse blockchain. Additionally, we will give you the first glimpse of our new future attempts to create a robust Klaytn ecosystem, so stay tuned!



on Aug 4~5 @SOFITEL Ambassador Seoul

BUIDL Asia is a festival for developers hosted by KryptoSeoul. Klaytn will be participating in this tw0-day event on Aug 4~5 to interact with blockchain developers. Also, Klaytn’s Core Dev Team Lead, Colin Kim, will give a speech titled “Klaytn: The Metaverse Blockchain for All”. He will be talking about how Klaytn sees the metaverse world and how Klaytn blockchain technology enables this.


on Aug 10 @Dreamplus Gangnam

KLAY DEV-DAY is an event dedicated to Klaytn developers. This meetup will be co-hosted by Chainlink, Questbook, Netmarble, Klay City, Verichains, AhnLab and Ozys together with Outlier, a Krust Incubation Team, and aims to network with and educate developers to raise the understanding of Klaytn platform. It will be a forum for conversation to help developers discover more development potential on the Klaytn platform.

DeFi Meetup

8/9 @Krust Universe Seoul

Starting from KBW, Klaytn will be working together with 1inch Network, a world’s largest DEX aggregator. 1inch Network is a one-stop DeFi solution and one of the world’s largest DEX aggregators as well as a DeFi platform. 1inch Aggregator analyzes thousands of quotes and fees on decentralized exchanges in time and recommends the best cost to help users optimize transactions. This is a major step for Klaytn to solidify its DeFi ecosystem.

The DeFi Meetup will be co-hosted with 1inch as well as with teams on the very frontline of global DeFi development. Don’t miss the speech session by Sergej Kunz, Co-founder of 1inch. Kracker, a builder for Klaytn money lego stacks and a scaling tool, will also join this meetup.




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