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We understand the greater crypto community has played a pivotal role in helping not just specific projects but the industry as whole to grow and mature.

To this end, we are extremely thankful to our Korean community for having supported Klaytn’s endeavor to revolutionize the blockchain space through our endeavours…

Klayswap has recently achieved remarkable success in its trading performance, with a TVL of 1.3 billion USD and an average trading volume of 79 million USD. …

We are thrilled to announce that Injective is partnering with Klaytn to bring decentralized trading to millions of users within the Klaytn eco-system.

By integrating Injective’s decentralized derivatives protocol, Klaytn users will be able to access a diverse array of new financial markets not found elsewhere. …

It’s been a very eventful year for the crypto space in general, and also for our beloved Klaytn. We have reached many milestones in product development, partnerships, as well as being recognized by the crypto industry and community as a whole. …

The September issue covers the following:

- GroundX launches Klip Drops Vol.2 🎉

- SSG.COM issues Luxury Authentication Certificates using GroundX NFTs 👏
- Paralympic NFTs issued via GroundX’s Klip 😍

- Klip Drops artist DJ KOO reveals limited edition NFTs 🤩

- #DigitalFLEXChallenge by Klip Drops 💰

- Klaytn…

9월호는 아래 이야기들을 다룹니다:

- 그라운드X, 클립 드롭스 2차전 오픈 🎉

- SSG닷컴, 그라운드X NFT 기술 통해 명품 디지털 보증서 발행 👏
- 패럴림픽 NFT, 그라운드X ‘클립’ 통해 제공 😍

- 클론 구준엽, 카카오 그라운드X 아티스트 선정 29일 한정판 NFT 작품 공개 🤩

- Klip Dro …

Covalent, the leading provider of indexing solutions for blockchains, has integrated with Klaytn, expanding the availability of data on the platform and simplifying the experience for developers who need reliable, high-quality data.

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. …

Recently, Klaytn has announced the official commencement of the Klaytn Foundation. Through this new phase of Klaytn, we believe our project will be developed much more than ever before, having access to new resources and partners.

Klaytn was launched in June 2019 by Ground X, making a successful business ever…

8월호는 아래 이야기들을 다룹니다:

- Klaytn Foundation출범 + Klaytn 2.0 공개 🎉

- 삼성전자, 그라운드 X 손잡고 한국은행 ‘CBDC’ 사업 참여 👏
-코드스테이츠-그라운드 X, 차세대 블록체인 전문가 양성 추진 😍

- SS 갤럭시 폴드 X 클립 드롭스 🤩

- 그라운드X, 카카오 ‘음’에 …

The August issue covers the following:

- Launch of Klaytn Foundation + Klaytn 2.0 revealed 🎉

- Samsung Electronics to join GroundX in the BOK CBDC Pilot 👏
- Code States X Ground X to Cultivate the Next Generation of Blockchain Experts 😍

- SS Galaxy Fold X Klip Drops…


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